A luxury retreat
will be born.

Five elements
build a dream —

Five steps
will make it happen.


Retreat in the atlantic ocean

Mild year-round temperatures, healing relaxation, as well as the finest culinary offerings – less than two hours flight from Portugal’s mainland. Coupled with easily accessible tradition and modern European charm, this luxurious retreat near the capital city of Funchal caters to all the senses.

Maximum flight time:
4 hours

Madeira Retreat

Perfectly connected

Airport10,5 km10 min
Funchal12 km20 min
Garajau2 km4 min
Caniço1,5 km3 min
Santa Cruz8,5 km9 min
Villa Funchal Immobilien

The sustainable community village

Planned retreat from everyday life. Inner contemplation and reflection on oneself and what is really important in life. A moment of tranquility, alone, with friends or with family. Surrounded by state-of-the-art, sustainable architecture and luxury. In harmony with the natural elements. In harmony with yourself.

The basis of our concept and your holistic relaxation is nature with its five elements. Surrounded by these and in combination with our comprehensive service (housekeeping, property management, garden maintenance) you can start your retreat break immediately after arrival.


  • High energy efficiency standards
  • Green roof
  • Exterior façade insulation
  • Minimalistic Aluminium windows with thermal and UV double glazing
  • Use of rainwater for toilets and garden irrigation
  • Biological sewage plant
  • Use of healthy building materials
  • Employment of Heat Pumps for heating/cooling of living spaces, and pool heating
  • Underfloor heating/cooling
  • Controlled ventilation to living areas
  • Photovoltaic panels for electricity production
  • Greenrock saltwater power storage system
  • Smart Home electrical Instalation
  • Biotop Living Pool
Villen Madeira Retreat
Villa Madeira Innenausstattung

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